AGR since June 7, 2012

Avant Garde Responses: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences (AGRIJHSS) is a blind peer-reviewed international monthly journal of Critical Humanities. Critical Humanities is an academic pursuit of the counter-points of view on the established history of ideas tending to circulate innovative approaches to the history of Humanities and Social Sciences, and tracing the recent researches made in related fields. The counterpoints, therefore, are often subsumed under critical theorists (members of Frankfurt school and critique of the school), literary theorists and classical and contemporary literature.     

The journal welcomes new research aspirants to the quantitative and qualitative; theoretical and empirical works done on literature, culture, media, arts, race, and politics with an application of epistemology of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The AGR would like to accept research papers in which its originality is justified with coinages submerged into the new thoughts based on hypothetical conceptualization related to the following topics:

v Socio-cultural study of Film and Cultural Theories

v Sociological discourse in Literature and the nations

v Public Policy and Literature

v Political Theories and Literature

v Film, Literature and Law

v Fiction, Faction and Fantasy

v Education, Language, and Literature

v Computer, Statistics, Language and Literature

v Commercial Aesthetics of Art, Media, and Literature

v Approaches to Material Culture

v Theories related to Humanities, Critical Humanities and Digital Humanities

v Public, Policy, Law and Governance through knowledge of Literature and Socio-politics of India


The AGR also publishes interviews, reviews, doctoral research and advance research reports. The journal follows what it calls a Democratic Editorial Discipline (DED) that means the journal publishes occasional special issues offered by guest editors under new themes and topics related to their areas of specialization.